Disney Day!

 ^Try the grey stuff... It's delicious!^

This past weekend my friend, and her family and I headed down to Orlando for a little quick fun trip to Disney! We started off at Magic Kingdom where we ate at Belle's Castle which was so cool, the inside is gorgeous! When we got to the park we saw lots of people dressed up in 50's costumes, and asked someone and they said it was Dapper Day, we were up set because we didn't get the memo and we were so boring compared to everyone else! We figured out that they have one is spring and one in the fall so we decided we defiantly not going to miss the one in the fall! The next day we went to Animal Kingdom and I was so excited for that because I had never been there, it was so cool to see all the animals, and it felt like I was in another world haha!   I hope everyone had a good weekend! What are your plans for this up coming weekend?

Xoxo, Paige

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