2016 Kentucky Derby!

 ^look how cute my momma is! 

Today I am bringing you pictures from the Kentucky Derby party my parents threw yesterday. I've gotta be honest though, I am not a huge fan of my parents parties because theres just a bunch of people I don't know trying to talk to me, and it's not really my thing. lol, but it's always fun to dress up and get pretty with your friends right? 
I am wearing a white dress that I got from one of my favorite stores, its local so I can't tell you the name, but I absolutely adore it. There was a part in the middle of the dress that showed my skin (the pink part) and since I am a bit more conservative I chose to put that light pink ribbon threw there so it also tied in with my hat.  I was planing on getting a Lilly Pulitzer dress but I seriously just kept putting it off because I could not bring my self to spend that much money on a dress that I will only probably wear once, because once I have already taken major pictures in it for one thing, you can't wear it for another major thing, am I right? lol. Although I did splurge a bit on my shoes, they are Jack Rogers and my favorite, they are so comfy and easy to walk in and I just know I will be getting a lot of use out of them! The hat that I am wearing is just a light pink hat that my mom got from the actual Derby a few years ago but here it is! 

XOXO, Paige

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