#Don't Judge Challenge

Have you seen the latest challenge going around twitter and Instagram? Well it’s a challenge where girls and sometimes boys dress up them selves to look ugly, they draw on their faces acne and scars, and unibrows and put glasses on to make themselves look unappealing, then they put their hand over the camera and move it away and they are now normal, and usually have done their makeup and hair to look, in society’s standers is “beautiful”. What these people who are doing this don’t realize is that everyone is beautiful no matter what they look like. Being someone who has struggled with acne, and bullying from it, it is hurtful to see people make fun of it. It is not something you can control, and it’s not something you can get rid of in the snap of a finger. Just because someone doesn’t live up to your standers of what you think is pretty does that mean they are ugly? Does that mean you should make fun of how they look and what they think their flaws are and the things that makes them incredibly self cautious?
Having glasses does not mean you are ugly, neither does unibrows, or moles or anything else. By doing this you are making people think that if you wear glasses, or have acne, or don’t have good eyebrows are unattractive.
Everyone looks so different, and that’s what makes everyone so beautiful, everyone should bring others up, instead of tearing them down. When you say or do something, you may think its all fun but it could be hurtful for others. When you point out someone’s flaw, or make fun of it, does that bring you up? People

 always to say the most important thing is to love yourself, but how are you supposed to do that when society has set such high standards for yourself and other girls. By complimenting each other on even the littlest things could go a long way for some people, you never know what someone is feeling on the inside, so by you saying something kind to them could maybe change their life. Be kind to yourself, but be kind to others too.

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