Spring Break 2015!

 ^we found a sea sponge!

So on the second day we were at the Keys we went to the beach, and had a blast, we saw dolphins swim bye and my friend and I were just relaxing and laying out listening to our music! The big floppy hats were a life savor because they really kept the sun out of my eyes. I wore my Triangl bathing suit for the first time and I am completely in love with it, I want another on so bad! 

^we saw about 4 or 5 iguanas while we were there and it was so neat! 

We also went to this really cool place on the Island called The Turtle Hospital and it was so amazing to see all of the turtles (even though it was kinda sad because they were there because they were hurt). They had about 61 turtles there, some permanent residences and some just there until they get better. It was so neat to learn about all the different facts and types of turtles. Its amazing what they do for the turtles to help them live. There was a turtle that was HUGE it was probably just a little smaller than a twin bed (length wise) 

We stayed on Marathon, but decided to take a trip the Key west one day to check it out, and it was so neat! We walked along Duval Street and it was so cool, there were so many different little shops you could go into and I just absolutely LOVED exploring! 

When my friend and I saw there was a Lilly Pulitzer store in Key West we literally squealed with excitement. The store is so beautiful and every detail is so neat. Also can we just talk about the baby clothes at Lilly Pulitzer for a minute? They are so freaking cute!! When I have a daughter she is going to be wearing the cutest clothes! haha that will be a long time from now but trust me on this! 

On our last day on Marathon we went to the Butterfly Cafe and it was so delicious! Its at Tranquility Bay Beach Resort (that place is gorgeous if I come back I really want to stay there) and it was such nice place to spend our night at. After dinner we walked around a little and it was so neat because you could see so many stars! We saw the Big dipper, O'Ryan, The North Star and many more, we could even se Venus! We drove through all of the Keys and I have to say Marathon is by far my favorite! Its so laid back an its probably one of the least tourist islands (at least I think so) and if you ever want to go to they Keys go to Marathon! 

This spring break has been so much fun, but its time to get back to reality, and to school (it actually pained me to type those words) Im going to miss the beach, and looking out the window and seeing the ocean, and see it continue for what looked like ever, but hopefully I will be back very soon. 

I hope every one has/had a great Spring Break!

If you want to see what I wore in the Keys click HERE!

XOXO, Paige

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