Valentines Day Essentials!

 Since tomorrows Valentine's Day, I thought that I would do this quick little post on my Valentine's Day essentials! I don't usually go out on Valentine's Day so I look at like any other holiday, but I really do love it, its just so... loving (yea original but I don't know how else to explain it. Well my first essential is bath bombs, they make your bath tub smell DEVINE and it is so realizing to take a bath and just think. Next is fuzzy socks, I love fuzzy socks because they are so comfortable and cozy. Next is my dog, who is my valentine (don't judge) she is so cuddly I just love it. After that is cupcakes, these cupcakes are from a local store and my dad knows I am OBSESSED with them, so he got them for me, I could not wait to eat them  (THEY ARE ONLY 100 CALORIES). Lastly is movies, they are a huge part in my Valentines Day essentials, my friends and I always end up watching some chick flick and talking all night. 

Do you have an essentials that I don't have and I would love to add more! This valentines day I will just be with some of my best friends, and we will just be chilling and watching movies all day. What are you doing?

xoxo, Paige

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