2015 January Favorites | if i stay, Disney, Sam Smith, FRIENDS & More!

So January has been a busy busy month, and so much has happened and I just hope that the whole year goes like this! I have discovered so many new things, done different things and got close to different people! The first thing I have been OBSESSED with is Friends, its now on netflix and I got so excited because I had never actually watched it but I heard so many people talk about it so I thought I would watch it, and I LOVE it. Next is my headphones that I got for christmas and they are just such good quality and I find every excuse to use them! I went to NYC in January for my birthday with my cousin and saw Sam Smith and it was so AMAZING I can't even explain it. I also turned 16 and that was one of the best birthdays yet. I went to disney with my two best friends and it was so fun, and such a great experience! We watched If I stay and it was such a good movie, I am now reading the book and I kick myself all the time because I didn't read the book before I watched the movie but come on IT WAS TAUNTING ME it had been sitting in my closet since it came out on DVD and was so tempting and I finally, in a moment of weakness, I watched it. So I also read Paper Towns and it was such a great book, I love John Green. My last favorite is my white furry robe I got from Forever 21 and I have probably worn it everyday since I got it. I am the type of person who wakes up in the morning and walks down stairs wrapped in a blanket, I would bring a blanket everywhere if it was expectable, lol. So thats what I have been loving this month, I would love to know what you loved this month!

xoxo, Paige Kate

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