Never Forget 9-11

I may have only have been three at the time of nine-eleven, but it has made an impact on my life and many others. I can not believe that it has been thirteen years already, on that day we lost way to many innocent lives and way to many heroes, who will forever be remembered. When something as terrible as nine-eleven happens it really puts your life into perspective, now a days people worry about what they are going to wear or what they are going to do or when they are going to get something that they think they absolutely need, but that means nothing when something as huge as this happens, you should be thankful for what you have and be grateful you are alive. We shall never forget what happened that day on September 11, 2001 because it changed the lives of many men, women and children, many went to bed the night before not knowing that tomorrow was going to be there last day, they didn't know that their lives where going to change forever, they didn't know they weren't  going to be seeing their loved ones again, and because of that we should never forget nine-eleven. It was a terrible thing that happened that day, but I believe it made America stronger, it's something that will be with all Americans until the end. I am proud to be an American. 

xoxo, Paige

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