A Black & Gold Winter

So Florida has been insanely cold these past few days, and I am not sure how I feel about it but I think that I want the warm weather back, so Spring Break where u at?
But for real it snowed today!! Like legit snow was falling from the sky and it was pretty cool, as soon as I saw it was snowing I texted my boyfriend that I saw snow and he's like "yea... okay" He didn't believe me and I know y'all probably think I am crazy but I promise it happened! hahah
So since it was so flippin cold today my friends decided to go to the mall since theres nothing else to really do in our small town, haha and I got some super cute stuff so let me know if y'all would like to see a haul or something! 
Anyways, this sweater I got in like november and I love it, it has a cute zipper detailing on the back with lace and its so cute! And the shoes are something I got of Christmas and they have a small gold band on the laces and I love it, lately I have been getting more into gold and black and I really love it! Also how flipping cute is the necklace I am wearing?!?!? My best friend Annie got it for me for Christmas, its the skyline of New York City and I am so in love with it, so thank you so much Annie! 

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