Christmas 2015

This has probably been one of my favorite christmas! I have had so much fun spending time with my family and the friends who have become family. I am lucky enough to have my cousin and aunt living with my family and I and it has been a blast! Its like having a sleepover every single night with my best friend, and so we stayed up late on christmas eve and made memories that are gonna last us a life time! 
So my family and I had a craft night on the Christmas Eve Eve Eve and made ornaments and crafts and tons of fun stuff, and then went upstairs to play pool, and watch christmas movies! My best friend is incredibly talented at art so I hate doing crafts with her because she always shows me up and makes the best hahah! Next on Christmas Eve Eve we went to church and then dinner after with our best family friends! Then on Christmas Eve we went over to their house, exchanged gifts, sang silent night and hung out and had fun! Then finally on Christmas my family and I just hung out in our Pajamas all day and ate, then that night my cousin and I made Ginger Bread houses, they didn't turn out very well but thats okay! 
So overall I had an incredible christmas and its defiantly on I will cherish forever, I love being so close with my friends and family and I hope that everyone can enjoy that! I hope y'all had an amazing Christmas and everyone has a very Happy New Year! 

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