It's Fall Y'all

These pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago when my friends and I decided to go to our local pumpkin patch. We had so much fun picking out our pumpkins and just enjoying the fall, we also went trough a crop maze and got lost a few times, lol! We first went to a pumpkin patch that was like 30 minutes away but it wasn't much of a pumpkin patch, just lots of games for kids so we left that one and went to one we passed on the way and just hung out there for a while, we also played this one game where we get in the big thing and run on it, kinda like a hamster, but we were not very good at it because our friends we met there were pushing it so it mad us fall! haha.

I am so sorry I haven't uploaded in a while, I have honestly been busy with school, school and more school! I am trying to figure out a good schedule for myself, but I just haven't gotten it yet! I filmed a video this day, but I have yet to upload it so when I do I will make sure to link it! 

xoxo, Paige

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