The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

This past Tuesday I went to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter and omg it was so amazing!! I loved it so much!! Growing up I always saw the Harry Potter movies but wasn't that into them, but for some reason, recently I decided to watch all of them and I have become obsessed! They are amazing and then I went to this place and I fell even more in love! The Wizarding World is in Universal Island Of Adventures and they have Hogwarts and Hogmeade, and then in the other park they just opened Diagon Alley (which we didn't go to :( ) But this place was straight out of the books, everything was so perfect, every detail! Even in the bathrooms you heard Moaning Myrtle! We road the dragon challenge ride and that was so much fun, we also road the ride that is inside Hogwarts and that was my favorite ride ever!! It was a simulation ride but not all of it was! The lines there weren't to bad either! And walking through the Castle was amazing too, there were talking pictures, the sorting hat and so much more! I went to Honeydukes in Hogsmede and got a chocolate frog (Which was delicious) and then we went to The Three Broom Sticks for lunch and I got Butterbeer (not real beer) And that was the best drink ever! There are a few recipes on pinterest so I think I am going to try them out and see if they taste the same! 

Do you like Harry Potter? Whats your favorite book and movie? 

Hope you have a great weekend! 

XOXO, Paige

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  1. How fun! I need to go there! I havent read the books or seen the movies.... LOL so I better do that before hand!


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