Music Festival Season!

Music Festival Season is upon us and you know what that means... endless pictures of flower crowns and braids (but lets be honest I am all for those pictures) One thing that is defiantly on my bucket list it to go to Coachella, it seems like it is so much fun and I would LOVE to go. I am totally in love with the fashion, from the flower frowns to the flowy pants to everything in between, it is to die for. I wish it was acceptable to wear those kinds of clothes everyday, and don't get me started on the jewelry, I seriously love it all.
Vanessa Hudgens is honestly the Queen of Coachella, there is absolutely no denying that. I am so sad she won't be there this year but I live off her pervious Coachella outfits. She is literally on point with everything and I am in love with it all. 
I hope to one day go there and experience this all for my self but until then I will live through the pictures. 

XOXO, Paige

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