Valentine's Day 2015!

I realized this Valentines day that I really love this holiday, even though I don't have a boyfriend its still a great holiday! I didn't get dressed up yesterday so thats why I didn't take any pictures but I thought I would share the pictures I did take! My dad got me a beautiful Tiffany and co ring, and my brother had flowers delivered to my house for my mom and I and it was such a great surprise! If you know me at all you will know that I LOVE the papyrus cards, they are literally my favorite things ever! I would buy every last one of them if I could, the point of this little story is that my mom got me 2 of the for Valentines day and I am in love! I had a great time with my friends and we watched movies, ate chocolate and had like a 'gals day'! It was such a fun day!

What did you do for Valentines Day? 

xoxo, Paige

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