I have never been to a concert so amazing, this was hands down the best experience of my life. I had the honor of seeing Sam Smith live and that is something I will hold close to my heart dearly. All I wanted for my 16th birthday was to see Sam Smith live and its a birthday I will never forget. I am in awe of the wonderful talent he has and he just blew me away. I would pay big bucks to see him again but front row. You can see all his emotions just looking into his eyes, you can see the love, the happiness, excitement and just pure joy and that was the most wonderful thing ever. My favorite part of the concert was when the whole audience started singing along to the song and he would let us sing and he would just smile, this big bright smile, and see how much he truly, whole heartedly loved being on stage and performing for everyone. He is just so raw and real and its the greatest thing ever. When the show began I just wanted to cry like a baby because it was so beautiful, my cousin and I were holding each others hands screaming because we have waited for this for so long. I want to give a huge shout out to my patents for allowing me to come and experience this because its something I will never forget. 

Xoxo, Paige

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