Mickeys not so scary Halloween party!

 ^^^ He was so tired at the end of the night but insisted on riding Dumbo!

So on Friday my parents and I took my nephews Blaine (3) and Sterling (1) to Mickeys not so scary halloween party at Disney World, It was so much fun! They closed down Magic Kingdom at 7 and thats when the fun started! Everyone was dressed in costumes (I saw a man in a Snow White dress and wig... that was interesting) there was so many cute costumes, it was fun to see all the kids dressed up from elsa to people from ghost busters and in my nephews case, Woody and Buzz I may be a little biased but they were the cutest things I have ever seen! Blaine I have to say did NOT like the parade what so ever, though Sterling loved it, the music was a little to loud for him, but once that was over he had so much fun riding the rides! I would totally recommend this to anyone who is considering going. I really want to go again next year and maybe without the boys, its not just for children, there were people of all ages there! I also would really love going to the Christmas one they have in december, because if the halloween one was this good, I can't imagine how awesome that one will be! 

Whats your favorite thing to do for fall?

xoxo, Paige 

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