Valentine's is on of my favorite holidays, it may be a cheesy one that not everybody likes, but I absolutely adore it! All the pink and the red, and the hearts. It is just so great! 

I put together a few things that I thought yall would like, and could even get for a lady in your life, or even pass along and drop (not so) subtle hints to that special guy in your life! I have to say most of the things are pink just because I thought it was appropriate for this holiday! 

1. Lush bath bombs- So these things are my absolute favortie! I love to just sit in the bath and listen to relaxing music while the amazing smell of these bath bombs fills the air!

2. Nike Shoes- Now I know I would love to receive these adorable shoes, the color is just so fun! They are actually on sale right now so check it out!

3. What I Love About You- This book is seriously the cutest thing ever! It has so many different things your special someone could write about you, or it could even be a perfect thing to get for someone close to you! It is so personal!

4. His Love Never Fails- This is one of my favorite devotionals, and I absolutely love the author! If you know someone who loves to Lord or is just getting into the word this would be great! It is a study on the book of Hosea. [ one of my favorites! ]

5. Sunglasses- I am pretty sure everyone loves a good pair of sunglasses, because I know I do! I am actually sunglass obsessed so this would be a perfect gift for me or anyone who loves to switch up their sunglasses!

6. Pajamas- If I could eat cake for breakfast I totally would! I love Kate Spade, and this pajama gown is soo cute! Perfect for that Galentine's sleep over!

7. Heart Bag- This thing is absolutely so adorable! It would be so cute to wear with a red dress, on that perfect Valentine's date!

Hope everyone is having an amazing day!
xoxo, Paige

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